Martin Pyne – drums, percussion, vibraphone

Martin Archer – saxophones

Charlotte Keeffe – trumpet, flugelhorn

Hi Res Heart is a multi-media improvising group where spaciousness and fire co-exist. Even when the music is at its most abstract, the spirit of the blues is never too far away. The horns are direct and melodic in an open ended flow which reacts to the moment, while the unusual percussion set up of drum set, hand percussion and vibraphone provides an ever changing textural and rhythmic counterpoint.

For our 2023 and onward performances the group has decided to emphasise its specialism of working with a live dancer and / or a live visual artist wherever possible, with these performers drawn from our pool of collaborators. We may also add a fourth musician or spoken word performer to the core trio from time to time, depending on context and budget.

About the group:
“The chemistry is magical, the musicianship is second to none, and the interchange between all seeps in like fast blood as spectacular.” – Lee Henderson, BIG BEAUTIFUL NOISE

“Cherish these sounds, for their creators indeed make them sing. “- Darren Bergstein, Downtown Music Gallery, New York

“Hi Res Heart switch on Martin Archer’s soprano inflexions and Charlotte Keeffe’s trumpet, Martin Pyne’s percussion pirouettes through like a dancer in disguise. Beautifully loose limbed lead lines every instrument the trio has at their disposal (to my knowledge 16 and counting) has purpose; deep drone baritone, Ms. Keeffe’s brass pressed into a squeegee ball with vibes and flute emerging like mantra. A circus of sounds where even ‘the riot’ is riotous fun, the ridiculous made into gravitas, improvisation turned into chamber music. Beauty on the edge of horizon.” – Steve Day, 2022